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Greene Fields Farm

Real. Family. Farm. Fun.


Regan and Christie Joehl have been blessed with five wonderful boys: Nathan, Caleb, Jeremiah, Ryan and Jackson.


When God brought together...

two 4th generation farmers around a passion for agriculture, we really had no idea of the plan that would be laid out before us to follow.  My wife, Christie, and I are so blessed to be a part of a strong, innovative farm family.  Our family's 120 years of farm history has been defined by a drive to follow unpredicted opportunities, even if that means taking a leap of faith into the unknown.  In the spring of 2016 we took such a leap when we made the decision for Christie to leave her career as a high school agriculture teacher to focus on raising our young family full time.


Much like the pumpkin seeds... 

that we so innocently planted that spring, the beginnings for Greene Fields Farm began to take root at that time.  The following fall, we were provided with a harvest we never expected and we invited the community out to the farm to share in it with us.  And you showed up!  We were amazed.  We quickly realized the longing so many of us have to reconnect with the roots we have in the land and our rural way of life.  What you desired, we wanted to share. And, so, as our family's corn fields in Greene County, Illinois matured around us that fall, Greene Fields Farm was just getting started. 


Just like our children,

Greene Fields Farm has continued to grow the last seven years.  This, our eighth year, we plan to grow almost 30 acres of pumpkins and we have 2 acres of trellised apples coming into production.  Working together as a family, we have watched our sons grow with the farm and make the transition from kids who live on a farm to farm kids.  Now, as time continues to march on, they are beginning to show signs of becoming young men.  That, in itself, is priceless.

The most humbling thing... 

about this journey, however, is you.  The fact that you will come out, support our farm, and share in a little piece of this life that we love. Seeing the amazement on your faces as you first lay eyes on our patch or seeing people enjoying time together as a family on our farm is something we don't see enough in this crazy world anymore.  These rich soils grow so much more than pumpkins, apples, mums, poultry and pork; they grow the very fabric of our communities and hold its future.


We don't just farm. 

       We plan with hope,

                 plant with faith,

                       tend with love, 

                        & harvest with joy.


We would be honored to have you out and share in giving thanks with us.


Regan Joehl  

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