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Free-Range Homestead

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Pricing and Weights: 

I’ll try to get my turkeys to weigh out between 12 and 25 pounds dressed. 

They’ll be $4.25 per pound dressed weight. 

There will be a $40 reservation fee that will be subtracted off your total bill on the day of pickup.

The turkeys will be available for pickup on the evening of November 20

from 6:00-8:00 pm.

My turkeys were hatched on July 16, they lived in our garage until they were old enough to survive outdoors. When they were ready, I moved them to our chicken tractor, moving them to fresh grass every other day. Once our meat chickens were processed, they moved in to the A-Frame coop and pasture where they will reside until Thanksgiving, eating a healthy diet of grass, insects, and their corn/soybean ration we mix ourselves.

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